Village of Bildudalur, Iceland

Village of Bildudalur, Iceland


fresh and frozen

Deliciously firm, healthy fish raised in low-density pens in pure Arctic waters, without added chemicals or hormones. Our salmon is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 — and incomparable in flavor and texture.

Located in the remote Westfjords portion of Iceland lies the small village of Bildudalur.  It is here that Kristian Matthiasson and his family started Arnarlax, a network of farms dedicated to producing salmon in the Blue Circle way.  

Like Kvarøy, Arnarlax doesn’t use parasiticides, antibiotics or anti-foulants and their operations are inspected annually.  

Arnarlax is bringing jobs and expertise back to the small village of Bildudalur, a community that was once struggling with population decline. The town itself is powered by renewable energy.

Certified in compliance with strict third-party standards, Blue Circle’s salmon is superior in quality and taste.


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Arnarfjördur, Iceland

Arnarfjördur, Iceland