From turquoise waters off coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, native fishermen catch our tuna with traditional techniques. Due to stringent government standards, our succulent tuna is caught in crystal-clear Maldivian waters only by handline or by pole-and-line. Our fishermen use a small boat, called a dhoni, and pull in the tuna by hand. This allows us to avoid the indiscriminate by catch pulled in by most modern-day nets, which often stretch for miles.

Fresh tuna is weighed, temperature tested and graded. Clarity and good color earn the fish superior grades, and we only buy those with the highest grades. Whether yellowfin, bigeye or skipjack, all of our Maldives' tuna is exquisite in taste and texture, and its origins are 100% traceable. 

All pole and line tuna fishing in the Maldives are being assessed for certification under the MSC standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries, affecting waste recycling, ethical trading, and animal welfare. 


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