Pioneering Norwegian fish farmer Kvarøy worked together with importer Blue Circle Foods, leading feed company BioMar and Whole Foods Market, to create In the Blue, an innovative farmed fish feed that conserves marine resources and reduces environmental contaminants in farmed salmon.

 The new feed, developed in Norway, has led to the first farmed salmon with a fish-in, fish-out ratio below 1-to-1, earning it a “Good Alternative” rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, a rare mark for farmed salmon. Other salmon farms have ratios as high as 1.6-to-1, though Whole Foods Market’s aquaculture standards have target ratios of 1-to-1, which In the Blue worked to exceed.

This methodology has potential to make farmed seafood among the most resource- and cost-efficient proteins, helping feed the world with nutritious and sustainable options.  

the vision

The vision and number one goal of every company involved with the In the Blue is for more farms to adopt these practices—making the supply chain and infrastructure more affordable and therefore scalable for the industry, ultimately providing the highest quality seafood for consumers.

Achieving this industry-wide creates an opportunity to feed the world with a healthy, delicious, sustainable and affordable protein option. But, what goes into achieving this healthier, cleaner salmon? Dedication, passion and raising the bar... 

the feed

We know that the nutritional makeup and other ingredients in fish feed back all the difference. This was the impetus behind innovating a new, more efficient, less wasteful fish feed for our farmed salmon products. 

The first step for BioMar was changing the fish oil source. Instead of catching whole wild fish for the fish oil in the feed, trimmings from wild fish caught for other purposes are used to generate the fish oil. The trimmings come from species like herring, cod, capelin and mackerel. These species are perfect because they’re very oily fish with the right omega-3 ratios. Once the oil is pressed, the other matter is dried into fish meal that’s also used in the feed. This special feed was created exclusively for the Kvarøy farm who supply Blue Circle salmon. 

The Farms

Kvarøy is our farm partner in Norway. The farm is extremely committed to offering high quality salmon without compromising the environment or the welfare of the fish.

As always, the salmon are raised in open-net deep ocean, low density pens. The pens are filled with 2% fish and 98% water to make sure the fish have plenty of room to swim. This creates lower stress on the fish, improves water flow, minimizes benthic impact and reduces the chance of illness for the fish. We still use no added chemicals, added hormones, or genetically modified ingredients. 

This product is available at several grocery retails across the United States, including Whole Foods Market.


monterey bay aquarium seafood watch® program

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program is the leading source for environmentally responsible seafood, based on credible and rigorous science. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program helps consumers and businesses make choices for healthy oceans. Their recommendations suggest which seafood items are “Best Choices,”  “Good Alternatives,” and which seafood to “Avoid. 

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