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Salmon farming isn’t the biggest problem, it’s feeding the people. We need to figure out how to farm the ocean intelligently and economically.” -Steve Damato, Partner, Blue Circle Foods

Watch this clip from author & seafood expert Paul Greenberg’s Frontline episode, “The Fish on My Plate” to see how our Norwegian farm partner Kvarøy is making aquaculture more sustainable. 
For more insight into Greenberg’s investigation of the seafood industry and how companies like Blue Circle Foods and Kvarøy are changing it for the better, read his interview in Civil Eats.


Blue Circle Foods Norwegian Arctic Cold Smoked Salmon scores a 94 from Phil Lempert (SupermarketGuru) 

 Read full article.


Blue Circle Foods hires Whole Foods veteran, plans for growth

Seafood company Blue Circle Foods has ambitious plans to grow its business and raise the bar on sustainability.  Read full article.


Blue Circle Foods announces new vice president of business development

Pioneering sustainable seafood company Blue Circle Foods announces the hire of David Pilat as its new vice president of business development. Industry leader Pilat spent the bulk of his career as the first global seafood coordinator for Whole Foods Market.  Read full article.


Innovative feed produces greener farmed salmon

The front-runner Norwegian fish farmers, Kvarøy and Selsøyvik, working together with Blue Circle Foods, BioMar and Whole Foods Market created an innovative farmed fish feed that conserves marine resources and reduces environmental contaminants in farmed salmon. Read full article.


Whole Foods launches unique farmed salmon brand

The brand is collaboration between Norwegian fish farmers Kvarøy and Selsøyvik, importer Blue Circle Foods, feed supplier BioMar and Whole Foods. BioMar, Blue Circle and Whole Foods developed a farmed fish feed that conserves marine resources and reduces environmental contaminants found in salmon. Read full article. 


Biomar, Whole Foods: New salmon is "game-changing"

New branded feed touts fish in fish out ratio 0.7-to-1, and company aims to lower it. Intrafish was on hand for the launch. Read full article. 


Meet the lumpsucker, the adorable fish revolutionizing salmon farming

There aren’t too many fish that would be called “cute,” but ask any in-the-know fish person about the lumpsucker, and that will likely be the first word used to describe it. Read full article. 


Whole Foods Market, Blue Circle and BioMar Introduce Cleaner, Greener Farmed Salmon

Groundbreaking salmon feed reduces wild-caught fish inputs to earn “Good Alternative” rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch; removes environmental contaminants to make farmed salmon healthier. Read Full Article.


Exclusive: Whole Foods Now Sells Its Most Eco-Friendly Farmed Salmon Ever...

Attention, Whole Foods shoppers: The grocery giant announced Thursday that it now sells the most environmentally friendly farmed salmon ever in its nearly 36-year history. The fish, which is currently in stores nationwide, is the first Norwegian-farmed salmon to earn a yellow “Good Alternative” rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s respected Seafood Watch program. Read Full Article.


A Look At Norway's Salmon and Cod Industries... 

Indre Kvoray is a teeny island off the coast of central Norway with a population of about 65. The island has one grocery store, a pub, a dariy, and a lot of adorable houses. Most of the islands inhabitants work at an organic and Blue Circle-approved salmon fishery. Read Full Article. 


Blue Circle's redesign has been Featured on the Dieline

It seems counterintuitive, but fish farming could in fact be the answer to keeping out fish in the ocean and also on the menu. Read Full Article


Values Matter, Whole Foods Market

Set against a starkly beautiful landscape of mountains and fjords, this video explores what it takes to bring this amazing sustainably caught Norwegian cod to the market.


Lumpsuckers to the Rescure

Blue Circle partner Kvaroy is profiled for it's pioneering use of the lumpsucker
fish to help control sea lice populations. Read Full Article


Blue Circle's redesign has been Featured on FIS

Organic and Responsibly Sourced Seafood - Blue Circle is profiled by Fish Information and Services.

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