The People

The Founders

Blue Circle was founded in 2005 by four food enthusiasts with a shared conscience. Each having deep roots in the organic food industry, we all have a passion for where our food comes from, how it’s processed and how it effects our health and happiness. One of us, Nora Pouillion, was the owner and chef in the first certified organic restaurant in the United States. Another partner traces his roots to his family's organic farm, where he oversaw organic production and distribution. Together we bring our revolutionary spirit to the oceans with a bold mission to change the diminishing seafood landscape for good.

The Farmers

We work with family farmers in the pristine Arctic water of Norway who possess a passion for constantly improving aquaculture practices, and ensuring the health and prosperity of their fish. 

Blue Circle products: Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon.

The Fishermen

We work with independent native fishermen from the Maldives who meet the highest international standards of fishing practices to bring us line-caught tuna from the heart of the Indian ocean.

Blue Circle products: Open ocean, line caught yellowfin tuna.