Space to thrive

Our open-net, deep-water, low-density pens are filled with less than 2% fish and more than 98% water. This lowers stress on the fish, allows for better water flow, minimizes benthic impact and reduces chance of illness. Densely populated pens save money and time, but don’t save our fish; they increase stress, injury and disease with serious environmental impacts to the ocean floor. We give our fish room to do what they do best – swim. 

Untreated nets

We never treat our nets with chemicals, such as Copper Sulphate. Although, such chemicals inhibit algae growth, they also leak into surrounding waters, making the fish and ocean unhealthy. Instead, we use algae-eating lumpsuckers and manual power washing to naturally keep them clean. 

Lumpsuckers to the rescue

Farming in extremely cold, Arctic waters helps to keep sea lice numbers down, and reduce the threat to both our salmon and wild, migrating salmon. To address remaining pests, many farmers choose to use ingestible parasiticides. Looking for a better solution, our Marine Biologists pioneered the use of the lumpsucker. 

The lumpsucker is a small, cleaner-fish, we use them to naturally protect our farmed salmon and local wild salmon from sea lice. Lumpsuckers not only protect the fish, the consumer and the ocean from being unhealthy, they're pretty cute too!

non-gmo, Free of artificial hormones and antibiotics

Unnecessary additives, biological or chemical, are unhealthy for you, the fish and our oceans. We believe nature made our fish just as they should be, so we will never use antibiotics or added hormones, and absolutely none of our fish are fed genetically modified ingredients. To reassure our customers we're true to our word, we are more than happy to be regularly inspected.

Fishing the blue way


A name, a face, a story and best practice certification is non-negotiable when delivering the healthiest, highest standard of seafood. We will never buy any of our fish from an unknown source or person. We stick to our trusted Blue Circle fishermen and to singular fishing regions like the Maldives, which have their own strict fishing guidelines; leaving no doubts as to the origins, sustainability and quality of the products we supply to you.

low impact fishing

We are committed to leaving a minimal impact on our oceans. To do this, we only buy fish that we know has been caught by the most sustainable methods.  This means the intimate, yet thriving community of fisherman in the Blue Circle catch the fish you eat using methods that have a very low-incidence of by-catch; limiting any negative effects on the ocean and ensuring a healthy fish stock for the future.