In 2005, a James Beard award-winning chef, a restaurateur, and an organic industry leader in humanely-raised livestock practices joined forces to revolutionize seafood through total transparency and trustworthy practices. Today, our team is committed to producing delicious and sustainable seafood that keeps us and our planet thriving.

Get to Know Us

What’s the best part of working with Blue Circle Foods? 

“Feeling proud to work for a brand admired for its sustainability.”
– Marija, COO

“It’s really rewarding to work for a brand that is constantly evolving to be better in all things we do.”
– Courtney, Director of Logistics

“I love the people I get to work with and our products are amazing!”
– Lee, Sales


Why is sustainable seafood important to you?

“Because I want my children’s children to be able to have access to clean and healthy fish” 
-Tara, Sales

“I want to ensure the earth has plentiful resources for future generations while feeding my kids clean whole foods.”
– Chau, Logistics and Compliance

“Sustainable seafood is about keeping both our oceans and our families healthy; we can change the world through healthier fisheries for generations to come.”
-David, Vice President of Business Development


What do you feel good about?

“The mountains, my baby-girl, and reading.”
– Courtney, Director of Logistics

“Being with family, practicing yoga and making pottery!”
– Nina, Supply Chain Manager

“Learning new things – trying, failing and picking myself back up.”
– Deborah, Operations & Product Manager