Pan Seared Tilapia


Sprinkle one side of fish seasoning, this will form a crust during cooking. See seasoning options below.


Heat sauté pan until hot
Coat the generously with oil (about 1 tbsp)
Place season side down in pan
Place crust side down in pan for one minute
Flip and cook for 1 minute on other side
Recommended well done


Preheat oven 400°
Brush with oil, season with salt and pepper
Place on a baking sheet and roast for 6-8 minutes

Serve with:

  • Season one side of fish with curry powder and lightly salt. Serve with bok choy and rice.
  • Season one side of fish with chili or chipotle powder before cooking. Break apart and serve in fish tacos.
  • Sprinkle one side of fish with dried dill. Serve with potatoes and green beans.
Pan Seared Tilapia