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About Us

How is Blue Circle Foods different from other seafood companies?
How did Blue Circle Foods begin?
Who are our farmers?
Who are our fishermen?
What standards does Blue Circle Foods follow?
Do we use antibiotics, added hormones or GMOs?

Why Fish

Why should you eat seafood?

Our Salmon

What makes our salmon pink?
What is the omega-3 content in Blue Circle Foods Atlantic Salmon?
Does our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon contain double the omega-3 content of other brands?
How much omega-3 content is found in wild Atlantic & Pacific salmon? How does Blue Circle Foods Norwegian Atlantic Salmon compare?
Is our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon free from contaminants?
What is the PCB count in Blue Circle Foods Norwegian Atlantic Salmon?
Is there mercury in our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon?
Is our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon gluten free?

Sustainable Seafood

What is aquaculture?
How will sustainably-sourced fish help save wild ocean fish?

Our Feed

What do we feed our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon?
Why is fish feed important?
How is In the Blue different from other aquaculture feeds?
How does our Norwegian Atlantic Salmon remove contaminants from the food chain?
What kind of wild-caught trimmings does In the Blue feed use?
Why does In the Blue contain cleaned fish oil?
How does microalgae improve In the Blue’s sustainability and omega-3 content?