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Salmon Fresh and frozen

We are committed to offering superior quality salmon without compromising the environment and welfare of our fish. Steeped in the rich fishing traditions of Norway, our partner farm, Kvaroy is a tiny island off the coast of central Norway with a population of about 65, and a pioneer in the industry.

With our partner, Kvarøy we’ve collaborated with the leading fish feed company, BioMar, and Whole Foods Market to create an innovative fish feed that conserves marine resources and reduces environmental contaminants.

We use underutilized trimmings from rich, oily fish such as herring and cod, creating a more efficient and less wasteful feed. Once the oil is pressed, the other matter is dried into fish meal which is incorporated into the feed as well.

This feed is so rich in nutrition that our salmon is the first farmed salmon with a fish-in, fish-out ratio below 1-to-1, earning it a “Good Alternative” rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, a rare mark for farmed salmon. Other salmon farms have ratios as high as 1.6-to-1.

Watch our “In The Blue Feed” video to learn more.

This methodology has potential to make farmed seafood among the most resource and cost-efficient proteins, helping feed the world with nutritious and sustainable options.

You can find our premium Atlantic Salmon at several grocery retails across the United States, including Whole Foods Market.

To learn more visit seafoodwatch.org or read the full report.

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*MBA Good Alternative Rating and Ocean Wise Certification only apply to Norwegian farms

Smoked Salmon

Responsibly raised in pure Arctic waters, our salmon is seasoned and smoked using specially crafted smoking methods to maintain premium quality and taste. After being salted and seasoned, the salmon is gently cured under carefully controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Then it is slowly cold-smoked (82° F) over a fire of locally sourced beech wood to create a delicate flavor and texture in keeping with its fine pedigree.

We offer two lines of smoked salmon, Changing Seas Smoked Salmon sold exclusively for Whole Foods Markets nationwide and our Blue Circle Norwegian Arctic Smoked Salmon.


Tuna Fresh and frozen

From the turquoise waters in the Indian Ocean, native fishermen catch our tuna with traditional techniques. Due to stringent government standards, our fishermen use a small boat, called a dhoni and pull in our tuna by handline or by pole-and-line. This allows us to avoid any by-catch as many modern-day nets do. Once caught, the fresh tuna is weighed, temperature tested and graded. We only buy those of the superior grade, judged by the clarity and color of the flesh. Whether yellowfin, bigeye or skipjack, all of our Maldives’ tuna is exquisite in taste and texture, and its origins are 100% traceable.


Cod Fresh and frozen

Our MSC certified cod is line caught in the North Sea off the coast of Norway. Mildly flavored, yet dense and flaky, our cod is incomparable in flavor and texture.

Blue Circle cod undergoes daily quality control, which ensures our cod is superior in quality and taste. Certified in compliance with strict third-party standards, every process from handling raw materials to the finished product is monitored. We also ensure full traceability of our cod throughout the value chain, from catch to production facility to your dinner plate.


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