Smoked Salmon

When you buy Blue Circle Foods Smoked Salmon, you’re voting for a better way to source fish without compromising the health of our oceans. Steeped in the rich traditions of Norway, our third-generation family farmers are industry pioneers who share our values of transparency, sustainability and feel good food.

Responsibly-raised in pristine Arctic waters, our salmon is seasoned and gently smoked over a fire of locally sourced beechwood. Even better, it contains no added sugars and double the omega-3’s of other brands, making it that much more nutritious

Cold Smoked Salmon
After being salted and seasoned, our cold smoked salmon is gently cured under carefully controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Then it is slowly cold-smoked at 80° F over a fire of locally sourced beechwood to create a delicate flavor.  Thinly-sliced, melt in your mouth delicious.

Hot Smoked Salmon
Our hot smoked salmon is ready-to-eat and comes in a single portion serving for convenient and versatile use.  It is seasoned and slow roasted at 170° F over a blend of locally sourced hardwood, creating a flakey texture, and a smoky yet balanced flavor. Try our delicious classic and peppered flavors.

Cold Smoked
Hot Smoked Classic
Hot Smoked Peppered

Key Facts Smoked Salmon

We challenge you to taste the difference.

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