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Sustainability, price are top priorities for shoppers buying seafood

October 29, 2019

– FoodNavigator-USA, October 2019

Consumers are most interested about the source and the cost, when it comes to buying seafood, as the new study conducted by Blue Circle Foods revealed. The survey that included 300 US shoppers disclosed that, sustainability and price are major concerns to shoppers. To address the shoppers concern, Blue Circle Foods strives to be transparent about its products. The company’s products are completely traceable regardless if they are farmed or wild caught.

The survey also found that seafood is gaining popularity among children. The survey showed 83% of shoppers agree that their children enjoy eating fish and other seafood. Although parents believe that seafood is a healthy product for children, they are worried about the quality of the products. To combat this concern, Blue Circle offers its line of Happy Fish- fish shaped pieces of sustainably raised salmon with nothing more than salt and paper added.

Blue Circle Foods products never have antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, synthetic pigments or come from “mystery sources”. As for the price point, Blue Circle Foods is priced in line with other proteins but with the added value of omegas.Building on the success of Happy fish as well as the findings of the survey,Blue Circle is looking to expand its selection to potentially include trout and shrimp in the future.

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