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Turning Salmon Into a Go-To Protein

January 21, 2020

– Supermarket PERIMETER, January 2020

Salmon is one of the star performers of the fresh seafood case, and it looks like it’s rise will not slow down anytime soon. According to the Tromso, Norway-based Norwegian Sea-food Council, Salmon is a perfect “gateway food” to get Americans to eat more sea-food. Eating fish two times per a week is the government-sanctioned recommendation for the average American, but only one-third of consumers meet the goal.

Washington, D.C.-based Blue Circle Foods expects to see continued growth in its line of Happy Fish value-added products. The product has already gotten great traction. One of the reasons why it got a wide acceptance is because it is an easy concept for consumers to understand. It is a reinvented fish fingers which you can add into salad or pasta or can serve it as a side dish.

The price for Happy Fish is also designed to be as “approachable” as possible to consumers. Happy Fish ship six to a 7.5 oz pack and typically retail at about $4.99. Happy Fish products are packed in a compostable box that uses both compostable materials and ink dyes. Currently you can find Happy Fish products in stores in five sales regions of Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Markets. The company is working hard to take Happy Fish products nationwide in 2020, until then consumers have the option to order our products online from the comfort of their homes.

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