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US Seafood Consumers Conflicted Over Sustainable options

October 31, 2019


As side from where their fish comes from and what is in it, shoppers decision will also be affected by the price, according to the new survey by Blue circle foods. To mark the start of National Seafood Month, the company sought the opinions of US shoppers and found, overwhelming concern about contaminants, ocean pollution and over-fishing. The leading sustainable seafood brand, Blue Circle Foods, initiated this survey in order to explore the shoppers believe about seafood and to see how their purchasing decisions are impacted.

Per the shoppers response, most of the them are concerned about where seafood is sourced from, whether it contains contaminates and PCBs. Price is also one of their major concern. With deep roots in the organic industry, Blue Circle Foods is devoted to make sustainable seafood more accessible to all by ensuring 100 percent tractability and third party certification. Blue Circle Foods’ fresh and frozen products can be found in the seafood counter at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide and they are available at www.bluecirclefoods.com/shop, on Amazon, and at select retailers under the Blue Circle Foods brand.

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