Discerning wholesalers count on Blue Circle Foods for delicious, sustainably caught fish. We believe in eating fish should feel good, for everyone. As part of our feel good fish promise, we’ve pioneered sustainable practices that protect our oceans’ natural ecosystems and provide your customers with sustainably sourced, delicious and nutrition-packed seafood.

Our goal? To inspire real change in the seafood industry: that means healthier fish, healthier people and healthier oceans…forever and for everyone.

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Feel Good Fish

  • 100% traceable and transparent seafood sourced from family farms and fisheries
  • No antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or synthetic pigments
  • Certified by trusted third-party organizations: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise, Kosher, IMO, Trace Register, Fair Trade Certified, Marine Stewardship Council

Our Practices

We are dedicated to using only the most sustainable aquaculture and fishing practices to protect our oceans. Learn more about our innovative salmon feed that preserves resources and produces a cleaner, more nutritious salmon.

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