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Wholesale Atlantic Salmon


Our wholesale frozen Atlantic Salmon is raised in pristine Arctic waters by family farmers dedicated to pioneering responsible aquaculture practices. Steeped in the rich fishing traditions of Norway, our farmers are industry leaders who share our values of transparency, sustainability and feel good food.

Our salmon is rich in protein and antioxidants and contains double the omega-3 content found in other brands. Like all our fish, our responsibly farmed salmon never contains antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or synthetic pigments. It is certified by Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch Program and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.



We pioneered the use of microalgae, trimmings recycled from fish already bound for human consumption and cleaned fish oil in our aquaculture feed to bring consumers cleaner, more nutritious salmon. Learn more about our innovations in sustainable aquaculture here.

  • Scientific Name: Salmo Salar
  • COO: Norway
  • Available:
    • Fresh: Portions, Fillets, H&G
    • Frozen: IVP or IQF Portions, Fillets