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“Yes!” to Good Stuff

Always super delicious

Always “just fish”

Always high in omega-3’s

Always Sustainably sourced

Always from our dedicated family farmers and fishermen

“No!” to Bad Stuff

Never antibiotics

Never growth hormones

Never GMOs

Never synthetic pigments

Never mystery sources

Practices You Can FEEL GOOD About

Sustainable seafood farmed in pristine Arctic waters

Low impact fishing

Total transparency and traceability

Fair labor practices

Certified by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and Marine Stewardship Council

Catch These PRODUCTS

Life is complicated enough. Eating well shouldn’t be. Be healthy and happy with our Feel Good Fish.

Smoked Salmon Deliciousness

Our award-winning Norwegian smoked salmon is sustainably farmed in pristine Arctic waters.

Imagine the source of your

Our farmers and fishermen are inextricably connected to the health of our oceans. Their livelihood and community depend on this commitment. They carry on both family and Blue Circle traditions so you can feel really good about fish again.

Pioneers with a PROMISE

Blue Circle Foods people are downright unconventional. We were founded in 2005 by organic industry pioneers who care about making a lighter impact on our environment. We set one audacious goal: to revolutionize seafood for the greater good.

We create real solutions to help save fish for our future, while providing nourishing protein everyone can feel good about.